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These have been lovingly made with the intention of Self Love.

Before lighting make sure an charge it with your very own intention.


Self Love 


*Black Obsidian Crystal - Absorbs Negative Energy

*Cloves - Protection

*Dried Lavender - Relieves Anxiety

*Chamomile - Rest

*Rose Petals - Beauty & self confidence

*Sage - Healing



Anti Anxiety


*Amethyst - Comfort & Sleep also a great 3rd eye opener

*Lavender - Calmness & Grace

*Clove - Protection & Stops Gossip

*Mint - Mental Strength & Goodluck

*Chamomile - Rest

*Rose Petals - Peace & Beauty



Crystal & Herb Infused XL Tealights



  • Never leave a burning candle unattended. These are 8hr tealights. Make sure & save those Crystal chips for later use.

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