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Hey whats the craic?

Welcome to Derry Mood Melts.

My name is Michaela and I am busy mum of 4, who took a hobby and made it into my very own small business. As you can tell 2020 had been the year of wax melts, with everyone stuck in isolation there had been lots of little wax melt pages popping up all over the place ~ which is amazing to see. Although it left me in a position were I  was to either get lost in the crowd or make a Brand that stood out from the rest.

So that's when Derry Mood Melts was born.  Not only are my products handmade in the heart of Derry City 

(in Ballymac~ you know it!)  but they are also renamed using Derryism's & our city slang! I found that during these strange times a giggle was well needed. I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy making them for you and if my naming puts a smile on your face for even a second, then I am buzzing.

Happy shopping!



When I started this wee venture it was all about Soy wax & everyone was using it, so I assumed this was the only way to go. Now after a lot of research on different types of wax, some things  just didn't sit right with me.

I am not an overly "green" person but did you know that Soy is the 2nd biggest cause of deforestation? 

How crazy is that!

So that is what prompted me to move on to a new option ~ Rapeseed Wax!

My lovely supplier sent me a sample of their new rapeseed wax they were offering a while back. Now I was so reluctant to use it, I have spent a lot of time trying and testing fragrances with soy wax to make my melts perfect and I wasn't sure if I was up for the task of doing the same with Rapeseed wax..

But I wound my neck in, put in a lot of  hours and experimented with it. To tell you that I am delighted with the outcome is an understatement.  Rapeseed Wax is an absolute delight to work with, the scent throw ~ cold & hot is fantastic! Not only is this by far a better product to use for the environment but it has upped my game 100%.

If you are thinking about a change then here are some great reasons why you should choose Rapeseed Wax:

*Low carbon footprint ~ Rapeseed is grown in the UK & Europe.

*It does not create harmful toxins

*It is non hazardous for us, our pets or wildlife

*It helps our Bee's! They love the nectar that rapeseed flowers produce. 

* It fuels our vehicles (in the form of bio fuel)

*It is sustainable

Rapeseed wax burns at low temperature so the fragrance evaporates gently from the wax pool  which allows the aroma to linger for longer.  

The Bee's love it, I love it and I have every faith that you will too.

(This change will not affect how amazing my wax melts are so don't worry!)




May produce an allergic reaction. Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

IF ON SKIN: wash with plenty of soap and water, if irritation or rash occurs seek medical advice.

Place wax melt in the well of your wax warmer. Use with a 4 hour tea light. Keep out of reach of children and pets. To remove wax from burner, place a lit tea light in the burner, leave a few minutes until the wax comes loose and simply slide off.


Use only with an unscented, 4 hour tea light. Never over fill the well of the burner. Use only on a flat, heat safe surface. Do not add water or oil to the burner. Keep away from draughts. Never move whilst lit. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Never burn longer that 4 hours. 


Keep children and pets away from the raw product when on carpet. Safe once hoovered. Although it is completely safe to use, its good practice to do a patch test before use. Please be mindful of your hoover and clean out filters regularly, we will not be held responsible for uncared for hoovers.


Keep away from heat, sparks, open flames and hot surfaces. Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product. Keep out of reach from children, wash hands thoroughly after handling. IF ON SKIN: wash well with soap and water. May cause skin or eye irritation. IF SWALLOWED: SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION. If product gets in eyes rinse cautiously with water.


Check cap is screwed securely at all times as any accidental spillage can cause damage, clean immediately and wash hands if any contact with oil occurs. Make sure it is securely attached to the rear view mirror. 


Our fragrances simply smell similar to the designer brands. Trademarks and copyrights are the property of the respective manufacturer/designer, and are not to be confused with the originals.


All our products come with safety labels. Please read carefully as we will not be held accountable for any accidental damage caused due to lack of attention to our labels.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

- Paypal

- Credit/Debit Card

- Clearpay

- Offline Cash Payment On Collection

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