Our Scents are all renamed using Derry slang. 

Car freshener scents are:


Dove House - White Dove

Bout Ye - Coconut & Sandalwood

Yer Ma - Mango & Peach

Happening Lad - Austrailian Big Shampoo

Get Your Baps Out - Pinky Sands

Pure Beaut - S*ap & Gl*ry

In Yer Dreams - 1000 wishes

Costa Del Bencrana - Bora Bora

Sweet As - Sweet Gracee

Car Air Freshener

  • Ideal for cars, wardrobes (small spaces etc)

    A very simple, smart and effextive design. Why stop at your home when it comes to fragrances. Our luxury Car fresheners are designed to fill your car with your favourite scent.